Leading Employers in Sector

Shiawassee County is a strong contender in agribusiness, based on its proximity to raw agricultural crops, its capabilities in metal bending and equipment manufacturing, excellent transportation assets and excess water and sewer capacity.

Leading Employers in Agribusiness Sector
Company Name URL Business Description # of Employees
Advanced Drainage Systems HDPE Pipe Manufacturer 50-100
Bluegrass Tank & Equipment Food Grade Transport Tank Manufacturer 10 to 25
Fertilizer Dealer Supply Fertilizer Parts & Equipment Distributor and Manufacturer Under 10
Great Lakes Central Railroad Class II Freight Rail Provider 25-50
Great Lakes Hybrids Seed (Corn, Soybeans, Alfalfa) Distributor 50-100
Grombir Transport N/A Milk Transport (Truck) Provider 25-50
United Suppliers Fertilizer Distributor Under 10


Strengths of Shiawassee County