Automotive Manufacturing

Michigan is well known as the center of U.S. automotive manufacturing, with the “Big Three” automakers all having their North American headquarters within the state. The map at right shows the preponderance of automotive manufacturing in the U.S. and Shiawassee County’s prime location relative to the OEMS.

Leading Employers in Sector

Shiawassee County, with its proximity to Lansing, Flint and Detroit – among others – is well suited for Tier 2 and Tier 3 automotive manufacturing. In fact, many global companies already call Shiawassee County home.

Leading Employers in the Automotive Tier 2/Tier 3 Sector
Company Name URL Business Description # of Employees
Machine Tool & Gear Precision Machined Parts Manufacturer 300-400
Rugged Liner Aftermarket & OEM Truck Accessories Manufacturer 100-200
S Group Automotive N/A Automotive Interior Parts Manufacturer 50-100
Sonoco Protective Solutions Molded Foam Component Manufacturer 100-200
TiAL Products Performance Turbocharger Manufacturer 25-50
Strengths of Shiawassee County