County Profile


Shiawassee County, Michigan, is strategically located along I-69. It is about halfway between Lansing, Michigan (home to Michigan State University) and Flint, Michigan (home to University of Michigan – Flint, and Kettering University). If you continue eastward on I-69 past Flint, Sarnia, Canada, is less than 100 miles due east of Shiawassee County. Detroit is about 90 miles southeast of Shiawassee County.

Population and Workforce
A Pro-Business Environment
Transportation Infrastructure
  • One Class I railroad and two short-line railroads, including Great Lakes Central Railroad headquartered in Owosso
  • Three airports within 40 minutes, along with a general aviation airport; Detroit Metropolitan Airport within 90 minutes
  • The Port of Lansing, which includes all of Shiawassee County in its Foreign Trade Zone
Quality of Life
  • Access to local museums, theaters and arts centers
  • Professional football, basketball, baseball, and hockey within an hour’s drive
  • A cost of living that is 12% below the U.S. average, buttressed by an affordable median home cost of $105,500 which is 42.9% below the U.S. average