K-12 Schools

Shiawassee County has eight public school districts and several private schools which compare favorably in several key categories with the State of Michigan’s average, including Merit Scholars, MEAP scores, ACT scores, SAT scores and AP Test scores.

The schools’ efforts have resulted in numerous awards, including The Governor’s Cup, The Golden Apple, Money Magazine’s Top 100 Values in Education, the Lighthouse Award and the Navigator Award.

  • Shiawassee County, standing at the forefront of technological innovation, was the first county in the State of Michigan to bring broadband Internet access to all school districts.
  • Currently, every building and classroom throughout the county has such access.
  • Technology is utilized for many programs, including instruction utilizing Palm Pilots, coordinated student progress monitoring, distance learning and multimedia production and presentation.
Business/Education Partnerships
  • Shiawassee County supports the engagement of partnerships between education and local industry. School districts encourage teachers to meet with business leaders to better understand their worker education needs.
  • There is also a substantial vocational training effort, with programs in such areas as high technology, medicine, agriculture, construction, public relations and cosmetology. Tools utilized to enhance these efforts include Junior Achievement, mock interviews and mentoring.
Early Childhood
  • Shiawassee County is a state leader in providing early childhood programs, including Shiawassee ABC, Even Start, Early On, Early Childhood Special Education Services (Infant-Toddler Program), Early Childhood Special Education Program (formerly Preprimary Impaired).
K-12 Statistics

Public Schools* & Secondary Institutions (2009)
Total number of public schools 31
Expenditure per pupil by county $4,789
Elementary Schools 16
Middle Schools 7
High Schools 8
High school (9-12) enrollment – Total 11,102
High school graduation rates by district SAT scores by district
Byron 95% Byron 1033
Corunna 85% Corunna 1022
Durand 85% Durand 941
Laingsburg 90% Laingsburg 1014
Morrice 80% Morrice 893
New Lothrop 90% New Lothrop 1038
Owosso 99% Owosso 987
Perry 85% Perry 992

Source: State of Michigan
*Only schools providing general instruction included

Public School District Total Enrollment Private Schools Enrollment
Byron 902 Laingsburg Christian 82
Corunna 1,927 Owosso Christian 39
Durand 1,318 St. Paul School 154
Laingsburg 1,164 Salem Lutheran 90
Morrice 559 Seventh Day Adventist 25
New Lothrop 928 Spring Vale Academy 45
Owosso 3,344
Perry 1,170

Source: Shiawassee Regional Education Service District

Regional Comparison Shiawassee County State of Michigan
2007 2007
How Students Performed on State Reading Test
  Grade 4 Reading Proficiency (%) 63 84
  Grade 7 Reading Proficiency (%) 64 72
  High School Reading Proficiency (%) 79.2 68
How Students Performed on State Math Test
  Grade 4 Math Proficiency (%) 81 86
  Grade 7 Math Proficiency (%) 73 73
  High School Math Proficiency (%) 49 53.5
How Students Performed on State Science Test
  Grade 4 Science Proficiency (%) 85 82
  Grade 7 Science Proficiency (%) 75 79
  High School Science Proficiency (%) 68 59.8
How Students Performed on State Writing Test
  Grade 4 Writing Proficiency (%) 53.3 44
  Grade 7 Writing Proficiency (%) 49 77
  High School Writing Proficiency (%) 62.7 55.9
How Students Performed on State English Language Arts Test
  Grade 4 ELA Proficiency (%) 69.5 76
  Grade 7 ELA Proficiency (%) 59.8 74
  High School ELA Proficiency (%) 71.1 69.9

Source: Standard and Poor’s School Evaluation Service