Pollution Control

Leading Employers in Sector

Shiawassee County has developed a cluster of some of the world’s leading pollution control companies.

Leading Employers in Pollution Control Sector
Company Name URL Business Description # of Employees
Ceco Environmental http://www.cecoenviro.com Air Quality, Pollution, & Odor Control Systems Manufacturer 10 to 25
Viron International http://www.vironintl.com Industrial, Metal Finishing and Municipal Air Moving and Air Cleaning Systems Manufacturer 25-50
Tri-Mer Corporation http://www.tri-mer.com Air Pollution Control Systems Manufacturer 50-100
RWI Manufacturing http://www.rwimfg.com Custom Metal Fabricator of Technical Industrial Equipment 10 to 25
Advanced Air Technologies http://www.advairtech.com Air Pollution Control Systems Manufacturer Under 10


Strengths of Shiawassee County