Site Location & Development

Whether you are a new business seeking to locate in Shiawassee County, or an existing business that wants to relocate and/or expand operations, Shiawassee Economic Development Partnership is here to serve your needs by identifying suitable properties, assisting in securing development funds and acting as your local, state and federal government liaison.

Some of the key services that we provide, at no charge to businesses, include:

  • Community Development Block Grants (CDBG): The Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) administers this federally funded program which supports economic development projects requiring public infrastructure improvements which result in the creation and/or retention of qualifying permanent jobs for low and moderate income people.  Grants are typically worth $10,000 per job. The government of the municipality in which the property is located is the applicant for these funds.
  • Developer Forum: This event offers businesses the opportunity to present their new building/building addition projects in front of multiple developers and construction firms. The format allows you to save time, secure multiple bids and ensure the best deal for your project because of the competition.
  • Economic Development Administration Grants (EDA): Similar to the CDBG program, this grant may be used by municipalities for public infrastructure improvements related to economic development projects. The grant typically covers 50% of the cost, but could be more depending on the project.
  • Local Government Ombudsman: Securing government approval for new or expanding business operations can be challenging and time-consuming. The SEDP will serve as your liaison with local governments throughout the development process, including assistance with permitting, zoning, site plan approval and infrastructure issues.
  • Site Location Assistance: The SEDP maintains a database of available properties in Shiawassee County.  We will work with your company to identify appropriate sites based upon your criteria, and provide you with all pertinent property data.
  • Transportation Economic Development Fund: The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) offers grant and loan programs to improve transportation infrastructure for business including road and rail improvements.  The SEDP will identify appropriate opportunities based on the scope of your project.