SEDP Holds 2018 Annual Meeting

On June 21st, SEDP held our Annual Meeting for investors and stakeholders at Fortitude Outdoor Fitness in Bennington Township. The event highlighted a number of exciting projects from the last year, presented our Project of the Year award to Prolime for their new lime pelletizing facility currently under construction.

The video below was presented to attendees, outlining a number of successes from the last year:


In addition to previous projects, President/CEO Justin Horvath presented the SEDP’s strategy to address the current talent needs in the community. This work will focus on five key areas:

  1. Commuters – Market available employment opportunities to residents currently leaving the county for work (18,000 people, 70% of the total labor force).
  2. Training – Offer educational opportunities and identify funding programs to support skills growth for existing employees.
  3. Reducing Employment Barriers – Promote organizations and programs that help tackle challenges to full time employment, including lack of skills, access to childcare, access to transportation, and drugs.
  4. Education & Business Partnerships – Serve as a connection point between our eight local school districts, Shiawassee RESD, Baker College, and the business community to strengthen their collaboration.
  5. Population Growth – Attract more people to move to Shiawassee County, with a focus on developing additional housing options and revitalizing downtowns.

To view the June 2018 edition of the SEDP Report, click here.